Out of the Dungeon

Published: Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

Pharaoh was greatly troubled by two dreams in one night.  All of his magicians and wise men of Egypt could not interpret them.  The chief cupbearer suddenly remembered the young Hebrew slave who had correctly interpreted dreams two years before.
(Genesis 41:9-13)

Pharaoh sent for the prisoner Joseph, a Hebrew slave, to appear before him.

Hurriedly, Joseph was brought out of the dungeon.

What were Joseph’s thoughts?  We are not told.

What were Joseph’s actions?  He cooperated fully.  Joseph shaved himself and changed from his prison clothes.  Then, and only then, did he come before the Pharaoh.  (Genesis 41:14)

Pharaoh – was not a ‘god’ – but he was a man of power and position and had full authority over all of Egypt.  No man told Pharaoh what to do.
Joseph – was a slave and a prisoner in this Pharaoh’s jail.  He had no “rights” and no power.  He did what he was told.

The Lord God was at work, fulfilling His purposes for Joseph.

Even when you don’t “see” God at work for you and through your life – He is working, follower of Christ.  His timing is impeccable and perfect.

It is the living God who takes us out of the dungeons of depression and enslavement.

He gives us a future and a hope – and our future and hope is in Christ Jesus Who gives us freedom!

He gives us freedom from slavery to sin and freedom from whatever keeps us from belief in Him.

Out of the dungeon ~ into freedom found in Christ Jesus alone!

~ Take it to heart ~

The Psalmist spoke of Joseph:
(NASB) Psalm 105:20 “The king sent and released him,
The ruler of peoples, and set him free.”

Followers of Christ – it is Jesus, our King of kings and Savior, who calls us to belief in Him.

He alone releases us from our sins and gives us freedom to live!

Come, Lord Jesus, come!  And set us free!