Gifts of Appeasement

Published: Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Definition of appeasement: to moderate; to mollify

Can you imagine receiving an expensive gift from a brother or sister who wronged you in the past?  Then an hour after receiving the first gift another expensive gift arrives… an hour later another gift… an hour later another gift… then another?  With the promise of the giver coming soon after.

This is what Jacob sent his brother Esau sending at least five separate gifts, expensive gifts.  Why did Jacob do this?  (NASB) Genesis 32:20 “… ‘I will appease him with the present that goes before me.  Then afterward I will see his face; perhaps he will accept me.’”

Fear, Jacob’s fear of his brother caused him to send gifts of appeasement to Esau.  There was a history of anger, hurt and deception involved when Jacob and Esau had last seen each other twenty years before.  Jacob’s gifts of appeasement were meant to moderate, to mollify his brother.

Motive for giving gifts of appeasement: to moderate another’s attitude toward you.

Gifts of appeasement could be gifts of sacrificing your time to spend with another or they could be food, meals prepared, from a right attitude.

Gifts of appeasement are generous gifts; whether financially, or giving your time or giving food, or other gifts.

Gifts of appeasement could be given because of fear, and/or love, and/or compassion for another.

~ Take it to heart ~

Gifts of appeasement are sacrificial gifts.
And sacrificial gifts are always expensive gifts.
Expensive gifts in the sense of sacrificially giving your time and effort for another’s good.

To whom do you need to give gifts of appeasement?