Barnabas sent to Antioch

Published: Friday, April 24th, 2015

Gentiles (anyone who is not Jewish) and Jews were hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ in Antioch (in Turkey).  Men and women became followers of Christ Jesus by believing in Him as Messiah and as Savior.

Meanwhile back in Jerusalem…the believers heard of what was happening in Antioch.  Remember, there were no cell phones, no internet, no Facebook, no twitter, no texting, no iPads or tablets…however, the news did travel by word of mouth, perhaps by mail service.

The church in Jerusalem wanted to know if what they heard was true, and if God was really at work in Antioch.  They probably also wanted to be sure that what was being taught was “right on”.  What did they do?

(NASB) Acts 11:22 “The news about them reached the ears of the church in Jerusalem, and they sent Barnabas off to Antioch.

Barnabas was a man who encouraged others.  In fact, he was given the name Barnabas for that very reason. His name means ‘son of encouragement’.  He was a committed follower of Jesus Christ.  His reputation was solid, he had integrity and his choices, his words and actions revealed that.

Barnabas was asked to go to Antioch…and he went.  The Bible does not tell us how he got there.  He certainly did not take a plane, bus, car, motor scooter or bicycle.  He may have walked or taken a ship or a camel or a donkey.  From other places in the book of Acts, we know that another man traveled by ship or walked from place to place.
What Barnabas was asked to do probably required time, energy and discomfort.

When you are asked to do a work in your church, do you consider the time involved, the energy you will expend or how uncomfortable you will be?  If Barnabas had considered all of that, he would not have been the man to go to Antioch.

Have you been asked to do a specific task in your church?  How have you responded?  Perhaps with reluctance, excuses, or dragging your feet (that’s procrastination).  Perhaps you have responded with “Yes, I will do that” and begin to work with joy.

Building a reputation like Barnabas takes time, effort, commitment to the Lord Jesus and to others…do you have such a reputation?

Barnabas was sent to Antioch…where is the Lord calling you?

And most importantly, how are you responding?