“a sense of awe…”

Published: Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

  The followers of Christ in those days and weeks following the giving of the Holy Spirit, met together to worship.
 (NASB) Acts 2:43 “Everyone kept feeling a sense of awe; and many wonders and signs were taking place through the apostles.” 

  Where is your focus when you enter a room where worship of the living God will take place?
  What is your desire? 
*To worship God with a quiet heart?
*To sing with joy as you praise the name of your Savior?
*To gather with other believers to worship the God of the Bible?
*To intentionally listen and learn from the God-honoring message?
*To turn to the living God, making changes in your life, your thinking, motives and words? 

  As you worship, do you worship God with a sense of awe?  Is your focus on Him ~ and not what you would like changed in the worship service, or how someone has treated you, or if you are acceptable in the way you worship ~ is your focus on God? 

  As you walk into the room where you will be worshiping, do you go with reverent awe and with anticipation to worship God?
  When music is being played glorifying God, how do you prepare your mind and your heart to worship the Creator God of the heavens and the earth?
  How do you approach our great God?  Is it with reverence and heart preparation?
  Chit-chatting is good (in its place), making “connection” with those you recognize, all that is wonderful and warm and loving, but…how are you preparing to worship the living God? 

‘I want to worship You Lord, with a sense of awe…’