A Godly Example

Published: Friday, July 21st, 2017

How is your life reflecting your faith in the living God?  What kind of person do others “see” by your words, your choices, your actions?

Isaac was asked to leave the Philistines because of his many herds and flocks and because of his great wealth.  God blessed Isaac with much wealth and the Philistines were envious and fearful of his great power.  (Genesis 26:12-17)

Isaac departed – he was not a contentious man.  He did not use his wealth as a weapon.

When Isaac moved on with his herds and flocks, his family and servants, he settled in a valley.  His father, many years before, dug a well but the Philistines had stopped it up.  So Isaac had it reopened by his servants.  Flowing water which was needed for all his animals and family and servants was then available.

The herdsmen of Gerar quarreled with Isaac’s herdsmen – claiming the water to be theirs.
Isaac moved on… he did not get into “water rights” issues.

Then Isaac re-opened another well which his father Abraham had dug – same thing happened, quarrels broke out – water rights again an issue.

Isaac moved on and re-opened another well; it also had been originally dug by his father.  No quarrels, no disputing, no contentions.

(NASB) Genesis 26:22 “… ‘At last the Lord has made room for us, and we will be fruitful in the land.”

Isaac was a Godly man in a land where God was not known.  He was an example of how we also are to live among those who do not know God as Savior and Lord.

The Lord God of the Bible has blessed us with the Godly example of Isaac.

(NASB) 1 Peter 3:8-9 “To sum up, all of you be harmonious, sympathetic, brotherly, kindhearted, and humble in spirit;
9 not returning evil for evil or insult for insult, but giving a blessing instead; for you were called for the very purpose that you might inherit a blessing.”

(NIV) 1 Peter 3:10-12
“For,‘Whoever would love life and see good days
must keep his tongue from evil and his lips from deceitful speech.
11He must turn from evil and do good; he must seek peace and pursue it.
12For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their prayer,
but the face of the Lord is against those who do evil.’”

~ Take it to heart ~

Are you a Godly example to others?